Film Activism


Indiekid Films

Founded in 2004 by Shawn Bowman and Sean Anderson, Indiekid Films has evolved from traveling film festival events to downloadable app and now a forthcoming Roku channel bringing independently produced world cinema created by both kids and adults to young audiences and their families. Films screened live as well as the on line collection come from […]


PNCA Kid Filmmaker Course

As lead educator for this six week class held in 2008  I developed a curriculum which went well beyond the scope of traditional  kids production classes.   Along with learning skills in iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Rockband, the participants cut and spliced found footage from 16mm film, recorded a real rock band in the […]


Production and Media Literacy Education- Five Points Media Center Denver

In one of the grand wings of the Colorado State Capitol- I huddled my production team together for a pep talk.  Comfortable with their film equipment and prepped with hard hitting questions for their state representative on proposed anti graffiti legislation, the kids froze up when we got to her office.  “She looks just like […]