Game Design- denver public Library

A two month artist/maker-in residence at the Denver Central Library’s maker space ideaLAB. I was commissioned to explore the room resources and interact with library patrons, work on thesis project and present workshops at the end of stay. My focus was on creating an “open source” table top game system where visitors could design their own game, share individual projects and build on one and other’s creations both in the actual lab and in a virtual setting fostering both small community game play and larger engagement of players and designers.

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Meet Your Maker Space- PDX Mini Maker Faire Workshop

It isn’t often that a maker has the opportunity to shape their space from scratch.  Frequently we have a project we want to work on and bring it into the space we either live or work.  Even when designing a new space we face a set of limitations, room size, access to power and lights [...]

Beer Project .jpg

Mayhem at the Museum? You bet!

Just flew back from a fantastic weekend event at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts teaching Beer Craft folk art projects including bird houses, fishing lures and fancy bracelets.  I’ve got a full round up of the Beer Project events on my Beer Crafts blog here.  It was an absolute delight to have the [...]


Sunnyside Comics

Since 2007 a dedicated group of kids have been meeting up every Friday afternoon in the science lab of Sunnyside Environmental School composing their own graphic novels, comics, manga and illustrated narratives.  Young creators from kindergarten to 8th grade from several neighborhood schools have participated with an equal number of boys and girls dishing out [...]

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How to be a Time Lord

Folding the fabric of space and time is tricky work and probably best left to professionals, but I decided to risk the future fate of the universe anyway and spent October of 2013 teaching a series of workshops to kids and adults at the Multnomah County Library and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in [...]