Indiekid Films

Founded in 2004 by Shawn Bowman and Sean Anderson, Indiekid Films has evolved from traveling film festival events to downloadable app and now a forthcoming Roku channel bringing independently produced world cinema created by both kids and adults to young audiences and their families.

Films screened live as well as the on line collection come from dozens of countries including Estonia, Cameroon, Belgium, the UK, Russia, China, Mexico, Argentina, Australia and the United States.  Half of the films have been made by children either working with non profit groups or independent young artists.  A number of the organizations who’ve worked with Indiekid utilize film production as a tool for their young artists to express themselves and enact some type of social change in issues around poverty, racial and religious tolerance, environmental activism and war.

Featuring award winning cinema from festivals around the globe, most of the featured films are under ten minutes in length and are a mix of live action and various styles of animation.  Many of the films are presented in their native language with English subtitles.  Indiekid was founded on the  global exchange of ideas where every child’s opinion is valued and cultivated and creative work is celebrated.

For more information on Indiekid Films and production biographies  Bowman and Anderson please visit the link.