Clean Get Away


Up for debate: Did John Dillinger break out of prison using a mock gun he carved from a bar of soap? Far as I can tell no one really knows. In Public Enemies, uber hunk Johnny Depp  makes his big escape from the Crown Point Indiana jail using a wooden mock up. The FBI does back up this version of the Dillinger story in their "Famous Cases" crime log, though they are quoting his version of events, and lets face it, the guy had a story for every day of the week. I'm up for believing the soap theory.  It sounds like it would be something infinitely easier to acquire while doing time, and simple to fabricate using a spoon or stick.  Carving a gun out of wood, well that would require using a knife and if he had the knife why make a fake gun, leaves my brain spinning...

While we speculate, real dollars are at stake, as I write, the Heritage Auction Galleries have up for auction the wooden gun he purportedly used in his escape.   Current bid is $13,000, with Christmas coming soon, and ya'll not knowing my dress size, you'd best put your offers in now as I'd love to own a piece of that action.  There is also a two part plaid hunting suit which I covet, though it is a bit matchy matchy and the stirrup pants look a twee uncomfortable...

The real gun may be somewhere else all together.  The official John Dillinger Museum in Hammond Indiana, claims to have the pistol on display according to the "Northwest Tourism Czar Speros Batistatos" and with a name and title like that, I'm inclined to believe him.

If you want to own your own piece of history, can't drive out to Indiana or fork over $15G for a probable fake, visit my Etsy shop where soap guns can be had for a very reasonable four dollars, while supplies last.