Too Many Chefs

Culinary themed card game inspiring gamers to get in the kitchen - and cooks to level up

Raiding the pantry with friends, Too Many Chefs challenges players to concoct five delicious dishes based on 250 ingredient cards, laying out menu books for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and a midnight snack before they can “go-out” to end a round. Ingredients are pulled from the draw pile or rummaged from the pantry (discard pile).

Each game is entirely unique since players name not just the dish they are making but also how they would prepare it. A three card combination of corn meal, pork and tomatoes could be played “Sliced pork loin on polenta medallions with a tomato ragout” OR “Pork tamales with spicy salsa” OR something elegantly simple like “corn-dogs with ketchup”

The object of Too Many Chefs is to create a full day of delectable meals from ingredient cards including dessert and midnight snack.  You can expand your own recipes or play off your opponents designing signature dishes for more points. Be the 1st player to reach 100 to win or be voted to head chef by fellow foodies and you win.  Too Many Chefs challenges players to get creative with their ingredients and with luck game play translates back into the kitchen inspiring real life menu and recipe design.

Big thanks to my buddy Thomas Webb for the art design work.  Outside of being a fantastic fine artist, he's our favorite DM.  More examples of Thomas's work can be seen here.

Want to learn more or demo play?  I'll be play testing Too Many Chefs at the DU Arcade Games Expo  on April 23rd in Denver Colorado.  Can't make it to Denver?  Send me an email or tweet and we'll figure something out

Bon Appetite!


Julia Child Card

Julia Child Card