Dragon Eternity

Awhile back I had a delightful correspondence with one of my Etsy customers- she was looking to purchase several of the invisible ink kits which I carry in my shop and were featured in my Criminal Crafts book, she was wanting to purchase the kits to draft press releases for the  video game and app her company would be releasing in a few month, Dragon Eternity. After chatting a bit we came up with the brilliant plan of my packaging a whole mess of goodies to send out to game reviewers including custom wax seal rings embossed with the game logo, invisible ink in blown Egyptian glass vials, jump drives in bamboo cases and wooden calligraphy pens. Each of the items had a calculated handmade and fantasy feel evoking mythology from the game. Putting the packages together was a hoot and I even made a custom stamp for the linen bags we used to hold the loot.