Alternate Realities

In our continuing explorations of story development- this Friday we took our favorite character and placed them in different eras of time. By shaking things up a bit we discovered that changing the context of action our comics are able to draw on key events in history for plot and subplot themes, cool new costume and prop ideas and even changes in character dialect. 

2014-04-18 15.57.12
2014-04-18 15.57.12

The other big exorcise we tried out for the afternoon was creating an alternate time line for the world.  As per usual this was hilarious and any one of the key events would make for an excellent comic or comic series.  The following is not a comprehensive list but our favorite moments in time that you may not have noticed...

400 AD- Angles and Saxons come to England, Hadrian builds a wall

500 AD- Cthulu begins plans on making you a sandwich, since he invented the sandwich, it should be called Cthulu

600 AD- The alien race we now call humans came to this planet and colonized

793 AD- Some people start dying off, other people get mad

1066 AD- Race of different aliens take over world and make humans slaves

1067 AD- Space becomes cool

1200 AD- Farts invented

1201 AD- Legos invented

1300 AD- A herd of kraken take over the world

1337 AD- Jerry met an alien and was sadly not historically recognized

1400 AD- Annika is recognized as a god

1450 AD- An artist made a painting or something

1492 AD- Columbus comes to America

1500 AD- Cavemen live again

1501 AD- They die

1502 AD- Due to dimensional rift a million vampires invade

1600 AD- Sudden skip in time it is now 5,000 AD

5001 AD- Time works out the kinks

1562 AD- Earl of Sandwich steals Cthulu's idea

1865 AD- Lincoln assassinated by Plague Doctor

6000 AD- It was all just a dream, nothing ever happened

plague doctor
plague doctor