Maker in Residence

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Inclusive Gaming We Play Better Together

The most fantastically awesome game event I ever attended was a pie fight party. My friend Marilyn hosted it as a fundraiser for some of her tenants who were members of Clowns Without Borders  The pie fight arena didn’t have a whole lot of rules- it was a large section of grass  marked off where you […]

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Equity, Identity and Barriers for Entry in the Game World

Making game play and design accessible to a diverse audience has been a central theme of my residency project. As kids we all play games, creating, exploring and ignoring rules is a condition of childhood.  Playing and watching traditional sports is the most conventional way game play continues into our adulthood.  A huge number of […]

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Exploring the Space

Hanging out at the ideaLAB is like being a kid locked in the toy store- there are so many amazing machines, tools and software to play with, I’m a little overwhelmed and also never want to leave.  Having game design as a thesis to explore the space is a wonderful framework for me, giving context […]

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Getting My Game On

For the month of May I’ll be the “Maker In Residence” at the Denver Public Library’s ideaLAB on the 4th floor of the central library.  I’m absolutely delighted to have prolonged hang out time in this fabulous space with access to 3d printers, soldering and building tools, sewing machines, a Cricut cutter and design software. […]