Fictional Realist- Aren’t we all?

I have a hard time explaining what I “do” for a living since my work is really a whole mess of creative projects  loosely connected through a common thread of writing, art, whimsy, humor and an exploration of creativity often in group settings.  Fairly frequently these projects are based on a fictional narrative-Food Game Pitch Cover either something I’ve created like the pulp fiction voice, Miss Demeanor of my craft book or making real objects from fictional stories like the Sonic Screwdriver workshops based on Dr. Who or press kits for Dragon Eternity and Slenderman digital games. Loosing oneself into a character is a truly liberating experience for an artist- Under the self imposed guise of an alternate reality I find myself creating and envisioning things through their imagined eyes, they tend to get away a whole lot more than I do.

My latest project is a whole new gig for me, writing a tabletop card game- this one will be based on food and cooking.  While it’s a step away from the fictional world, it’s still really rooted in collaborative storytelling with a group, building off one and other’s creative processes and a thoughtful examination of everyday rituals in a fresh perspective.

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